August 13, 2020

Australian Postgraduate Scholarships 2012

college postgraduate scholarshipAustralian Postgraduate Scholarship 2012– The University of Canberra is on the march, continually growing an energetic, collaborative and innovative research environment, where the generation of new knowledge and its translation into application and policy impact are valued. The University is committed to providing a research training environment that supports research excellence and innovation, linked to national and international research networks and our research stakeholders.

Government funded APAs as well as generous scholarships funded by the prestigious Weeden Trust are available.

Talented and motivated individuals with appropriate qualifications are now invited to apply for PhD scholarships across a range of research disciplines including Science, Health and Technology, Social Sciences, the Humanities and Creative Arts.

Applicants with a First Class Honours degree from an Australian University are guaranteed a Australia postgraduate scholarship of at least $22,500 tax free, with generous top-ups for the most outstanding candidates.

Please see official Scholarships Web Page for further information and how to apply for Australia Postgraduate Scholarship along with all University of Canberra PhD scholarships available for 2012.

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